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It's Six Random Characters released
[News] 2020-11-02 11:33:16

Developer Cannibal Interactive just released a dungeon crawler on Steam with the eloquent title It's Six Random Characters and a Single Floor Dungeon, That's the Whole Game which is less a name and more the sales pitch of what you're getting here. I bought it and checked it out because a game like that looks more like a curiosity or gimmick than anything else.

This is basically a roguelike dungeon crawler that randomly generates a party of six characters of various races and classes and throws you into a one-floor random dungeon to survive. The wall sets you see also change between runs, but I haven't checked out how many there are. You have no automap (at least I haven't found one) and while the dungeon layout is rather simplistic, the monotone graphics make it easy to get lost.

You can find vending machines, where you can buy or sell stuff, as well as toilets that function basically like treasure chests. The visuals (the GUI, the walls and the monsters) remind me of Gameboy games, which is something I like but overall the gameplay feels rather limited.

While individual fights aren't very taxing, they chip away at your health and MPs if you don't find the exit fast. There's also no saving, once you're dead that is it, in best roguelike fashion, but where most top-down roguelikes shine with countless deep mechanics to engage you, here everything feels a bit on the shallow side.

I just played a couple of minutes until I found one exit, killed its guardian and then the next one (because obviously there had to be another one) guaranteed my TPK (total party kill), so take all of what I have written as a first impression and not an in-depth review. To me, this feels like a game that could have been much more interesting with hand-crafted levels, some mapping system and manual character creation. As it is, I'm not sure it's worth anybody's time.

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