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Wolfenstein RPG

Platforms: BlackBerry, BREW, iOS, J2ME   Developer: Fountainhead Entertainment, iD Mobile   Publisher: EA Mobile   Year: 2008   Tags: Contemporary, Real-time combat  


Captured by the Axis military, Sgt. B.J. Blazkowicz must escape and defeat the Paranormal Division to save the world from the grip of evil. Within the walls of the infamous Castle Wolfenstein lies secrets of diabolical genetic research and weapons. Using variety of weapons, wits, and chickens Sgt. Blazkowicz will meet the enemy head-on, emancipate the prisoners and bring the Axis to its knees.

Wolfenstein RPG is a first-person role-playing game that takes place in the world of Wolfenstein. The shooter's quick action has been traded in for a slowed down turn-based one where emphasis is placed on using the correct weapons or tools at the right time with the right enemies. Emphasis has also been placed on collecting treasures, finding secrets and reading books that are found along the way and that can either aid by strengthening the character or in some circumstances weakening him with the drivel written within.

The game's nine levels take Blazkowicz from prisons, to research labs, to sewers, and even to the grounds of Castle Wolfenstein. In his path there are thirty-two different kinds of enemies ranging from familiar Wolfenstein classics like guards and zombies to newly invented genetic monsters. Scientists and Engineers can help guide Blazkowicz if he manages to bribe them, but beware of loyal ones who will try to inject him with poisonous syringes. Blazkowicz' arsenal naturally includes fists and boots but he will also find machine guns, flame throwers, dynamite, rocket launchers and others that will total up to sixteen different ways of maiming Axis scum.

Besides the gold loot and books to collect as B.J. he can also find empty syringes and loose ingredients and serums that can be combined to use in specialized machines that provide special abilities like super strength, fire deterrents, and health-ups. One last important thing strewn about the world of Wolfenstein RPG are chickens. Chickens can be either roasted and turned in to health-ups or can be kicked into the same purpose. Mini-games are also available some within the game and some from the main menu. Mini-games include Chicken Kicking where the objective is to kick chickens into a targeted area to earn different points or a simple War card game where your collected gold can be bet. One addition of the iPhone version of the game is a level that involves driving.


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