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Dungeon of Dragon Knight updated version & Collector Edition
[News] 2020-10-26 17:39:59
Written by: zooperdan

Dungeon of Dragon Knight by HexGameStudio has just been updated to a new version and a Collector Edition has been launched.



  1. Fixed the Hit rate. Follow the DND rule: if ATK is below enemy DEF, you make 0 damage.
  2. Updated Damage Display: physical damage and additional elemental damage in a single attack are separately calculated.
  3. Optimized the sense of use when you switch direction by mouse-click.
  4. Not to disturb the lonely atmosphere of single-player game, screen-bullet is off by default.


The Dungeon 0f Dragon Knight - Collector Edition contains the following items:

  1. Dungeon of Dragon Knight
  2. Dungeon of Dragon Knight-OST
  3. Dungeon of Dragon Knight-Ambient music



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