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Dungeon Crawler Jam 2023 results
[News] 2023-05-01 06:11:52
Written by: zooperdan

The Dungeon Crawler Jam 2023 is done and it's been the biggest and bestest so far! With more than 1800 participants and almost 200 entries it's officially now one of the big jams. I never in a million years would've thought that would happen in such a niche genre and with so many specific rules :)


This year the jam produced an amazing amount of great games, many of which I hope will be developed further into fully fledged commercial games. 


A huge congratulations to the top 3 games from the community voting.

  1. Zorg & Shlak - https://evigouroux.itch.io/duality-dungeon-crawler-jam
  2. Whispers of Fate - https://triplevivi.itch.io/whispers-of-fate
  3. The Beast of Oakenbrook - https://ilyos-games.itch.io/the-beast-of-oakenbrook


Check out the results here:


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