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Cardhalia (English)

Platforms: Windows   Developer: S.A.Y. Realm   Publisher: S.A.Y. Realm   Year: 2012   Tags: Fantasy, Real-time combat  


A classic grid-based crawler made by a couple game loving Czech kids. Cardhalia was originally released for the Czech market but later translated to english for all us crawler fans to enjoy! There's very little information to be found about this game. From the developer:

Cardhalia is a grid-based dungeon game we created quite a long time ago now. As the game was very successful in those times in Czech Republic, we were asked to create an English version so it can be played by people who doesn’t know the Czech language. We decided to proceed this idea and hope that you will appreciate it.

Please note that this game was created ten years ago by 16-18 years old guys. We had no ambitions back then to develop a commercial product. If you find the graphics slightly weird or software too primitive, then yeah, you’re right. Remember, it was and still is just a freeware game created by kids as an experiment of “how to do it”.

Despite being an experiment it has good looking graphics for a 10 year old crawler, and the gameplay has some nice touches. They are supposedly working on a sequel, Cardhalia 2: Tales of the Kingdom, which looks to be a classic crawler with some serious hand-drawn eye candy.


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