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Theme: Day | Night


Black Dawn is basically a light version of Dungeon Master but in a spaceship where you run around in a maze-like environment zapping slimy green aliens.

Tags: Real-time combat, Sci-fi  

Platforms: Amiga  

Year: 1993

In Black Dawn II, sequel to Black Dawn, you are shipped off to an alien world by the Government of Interplanetary Time and Space (GITS).

Tags: Real-time combat, Sci-fi  

Platforms: Amiga  

Year: 1994

Legions Of Dawn, sequel to Black Dawn II, offers more of the same classic crawling in outer space.

Tags: Real-time combat, Sci-fi  

Platforms: Amiga  

Year: 1995

Thunderdawn is the last part of Andrew Campbell's dungeon crawler series Black Dawn. In this one you fight with bow and arrow in a dark and dystopian environment. Different from his previous games this one use the whole screen for exploring.

Tags: Behind character, Dystopian, Real-time combat  

Platforms: Amiga  

Year: 1996

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