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The Darkness Below - Demo released
[News] 2021-04-16 12:49:08
Written by: zooperdan

A minty fresh demo has been released of the game The Darkness Below by Sabbas Eleftheriadis (vlzvl) and I couldn't be more excited!


I've been following this game with great interest for a while since the developer is hanging out in our Discord server and frequently share progress updates.



The Darkness Below ticks many boxes with me. It's largely inspired by Might & Magic 3-5 and that means turn based combat! I also find the visuals really appealing. It's made in a way that make it look and feel like a game that was made in the late 90's. 


The developer says:

Highlight of this update is the prebuilt generator, allowing random characters to be created on a New Game, following the game's rulebook. This is the quickest way to start the game and, at the moment, the only way. A proper 'Create a Party' option will be added eventually.


Grab the demo here https://vlzvl.itch.io/the-darkness-below and give him a follow to stay updated on progress.


If you want to support the developer you can become a patreon and get early access updates and help improving the game.


A bit more information here: https://rpgcodex.net/forums/threads/the-darkness-below-a-retro-crpg-in-the-making.118437/page-6


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