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Treasures of the Savage Frontier

Platforms: Amiga, MS-DOS   Developer: Beyond Software Inc.   Publisher: Strategic Simulations Inc.   Franchise: Gold Box   Year: 1992   Tags: Fantasy, Gold Box, Turn-based combat  


Treasures of the Savage Frontier is the sequel to Gateway to the Savage Frontier and a part of SSI's Gold Box series of games based on TSR's Advanced Dungeons and Dragons ruleset and set in the Forgotten Realms. It continues to the use the Gold Box Engine first pioneered with Pool of Radiance and then enhanced for use in this series with Gateway to the Savage Frontier. Because it is based on the same engine behind SSI's Gold Box series of RPGs. only the setting has changed. You can import existing characters from playing the first game. The game is viewed from above, as you move your party into mystery, buildings and combat. The game now includes weather changes that affect movement and NPC interaction.


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