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Theme: Day | Night


Platforms: Amiga, Atari ST   Developer: John Conley & James Oxley   Publisher: Microdeal   Year: 1988   Tags: Sci-fi, Turn-based combat  


Slaygon is a sci-fi crawler where you are in control of a robot which possesses the strength of a hundred men, the armor and weapons of a small tank, and the intelligence of it's operator. The Slaygon is the most sophisticated robot ever created. Conventional weapons have no effect on it and normal defenses are merely a nuisance. You, and your one of a kind machine, are needed by the government to help uphold peace and justice in the world. The situation is critical. You accept immediate employment as an officer in the United Defense Force. The goal is to find the five override codes and enter them into the computer room's system console. This will disable the computer Ca!Jsing the main reactor's cooling system to fail and the complex to explode. Steal the top secret data disk and get out of the building as fast as you can, before the reactor explodes.


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