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Theme: Day | Night

Lands of Lorez

Platforms: Browser   Developer: Photon Storm   Publisher: Photon Storm   Year: 2014   Tags: Fantasy, Timing based combat  


It was a warm summer's day as you idled about your farm, tending to the crops. It had been a good year, and you were thankful of your decision to leave your former life in the King's Guard and trade fighting for farming. You watched your cat Jonesy, happily chasing a field mouse into the corn. It was then that you spied something lurking by the river. It was the unmistakable shape of a Plotop. Its red, wet body glistening in the mid-day heat. You barely had time to question why it had wandered up from the dank marshland in which it lives before it was upon you, sword drawn and a menacing grin on its face.

You may have chosen a peaceful life, but your battle skills were still fresh. And after a few well timed hits the Plotop was a writhing mess laying in the dirt. In the confusion Jonesy had fled, scared, into the hills. You followed as quickly as possible, just in time to see the cat take refuge in a dark nearby entrance in the rocks.

Advancing cautiously, sword drawn, you enter the dungeon. You've no idea what kind of foul beasts lay down here, but you're damn sure you are going to get that cat back, no matter what.

Good luck Adventurer! Fame, fortune and felines await.

Lands of Lorez is a 32x32 pixel dungeon crawler made for the 2014 Low Rez Game Jam.



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