Moraff’s Revenge


Moraff’s Revenge is the first of Moraffware‘s classic dungeon crawls. Choose to be a fighter or a wizard. The player runs about in four-color dungeons, returning to the top of the dungeon every once and awhile to climb up ropes into shops and inns.

The game features a map which fills in as more territory is explored. The “Beginner’s Version” includes 17 levels before registering to have the full 70 levels available for play.

The top level of the dungeon has a town where the player can rest and resupply. The players will explore the dungeon which is shown in a first person perspective on the right side of the screen.

By defeating monsters the player is able to gain experience, however they must sleep at an inn on the top level of the dungeon in order to gain a level.

The end goal of the game is to drink from the fountain of youth, which causes the game to loop. A new 70 level dungeon is built and your level is set back to 0 but you keep all of your earned stats and items.

Moraff’s Revenge average rating 2.5/5 - 2 user ratings

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