Silvern Castle


Silvern Castle is a fantasy RPG that looks and feels very much like the original Wizardry. In fact, the author Jeff Fink wrote it as a challenge to the authors of Wizardry who said a that a game like it could never be programmed in BASIC.

As such, it does appear to be a Wizardry clone, albeit with much more depth, including a fresh new scenario.

The first scenario, “The Lost Crystal Orb” pits your party against hundreds of monsters, fiendish traps, and a large 27×27 maze. To help fulfill your quest and defeat your nemesis, the evil wizard Drachma, your party will have to gain experience and skills, find magical devices, and acquire spells.

Later versions of Silvern Castle include additional scenarios, including “Shades of the Past” and “Time Master”.

Silvern Castle was purchased by Softdisk Publishing in 1988, but never published. After Softdisk discontinued Apple II publishing, Jeff Pink requested and received permission from Softdisk to have the rights to the program reverted back to him. Jeff Pink released Silvern Castle for the first time as shareware in 1999, and reclassified it to freeware status later in 2000.

Silvern Castle average rating 3.8/5 - 6 user ratings

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