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Theme: Day | Night

Realms of Quest Trilogy

Platforms: VIC-20   Developer: Ghislain de Blois   Publisher: Psytronik Software   Franchise: Realms of Quest   Year: 2009   Tags: Fantasy, Turn-based combat  


Realms of Quest Trilogy contains three games previously released but now bundled together for maximum crawling fun on the VIC-20! The developer Ghislain de Blois is nothing short of a diehard crawlerhead with a special kind of passion for making dungeon crawlers on an antiquated, yet popular, game system.   Features:

  • 12,000+ lines of assembly language, compiled into a fast and responsive game-playing experience.
  • An easy to understand, intuitive, user-friendly menu system and interface.
  • Multi-color graphics along with a 3D first person perspective when you explore the underground dunjons.
  • Over 70 monsters, where each of them is represented with it’s own portrait during combat.
  • 40 magic spells, 8 races, 8 classes and many different weapons, armor, potions and special items.
  • In-context game music, a "surface" world map, along with joystick support (32K version).
  • The double-sided disk includes the complete Realms of Quest Trilogy along with several other games by the author:  Dunjon II, Ringside Boxing, Break-Fast, Napoleon Simulator, plus many more. 20 games in all!
  • A detailed and illustrated 36 page instruction manual with several tables and charts for easy reference.
Realms of Quest III requires 32K memory expansion. Realms of Quest III: Dunjon Crawler requires 16K. The rest of the games in this package (including Realms of Quest I + II) can be run on the unexpanded VIC-20.   Storyline: 1,000 years ago demon magician Nikaedor was killed by a mighty hero. The land has since then been free of monsters and other nasty creatures - until now. Robbers , orcs, goblins and more have become braver and even well-protected caravans can't feel safe any longer. Whats more: The dragons that only exist in nightmares of children, suddenly re-appear. Every full moon, a young maiden, pure at heart, is sacrificed to save the villages from the dragon's fiery breath. The dragons came with large armies of orcs, kobolds, ogres and other ghoulish creatures. The once great Land of Rivar was now reduced to a vassal colony and would pay tribute to all things evil. Sages and scribes scurried through the ancient texts, desperate to find answers. In the scant remains of the Lycaeum of the King's castle, only a fragment of the ancient poem was found: “The daemon hath been defeated and a new day begun. A day to last a thousand years ‘til the setting of the sun.” Nikaedor was back... and it is your job to stop him !



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