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Theme: Day | Night

Mork's Trial

Platforms: Windows   Developer: Tomás (selewi) Esconjaureguy   Publisher: Tomás (selewi) Esconjaureguy   Year: 2021   Tags: dcjam2021, Jam game, Real-time combat, Roguelike  


Mork's Trial is a solid and well put together dungeon crawler which both plays, looks and feels a lot like the old classic dungeon crawlers of yore. The premise is simple and well known; slay evil creatures and grab some loot on your way to the depths of Mork's lair.



  • Engaging real-time combat against a variety of enemies.
  • Multiple races and items, make the character of your dreams.
  • Multiple playstyles, play as a warrior, a rogue, a mage, or mix them!
  • Randomly generated dungeons with multiple visual and audio themes.
  • A powerful entity that lurks in the deeps of the dungeon.



  • Tomás "selewi" Esconjaureguy - Game design & Programming
  • Max "Jerry" Raffa - Art & QA
  • Paul "PolyB" Burt - Art
  • Romain Rope - Sound design
  • Zac "Zinewave" Whelan - Music & QA


Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021 rankings

  • 9th in "Overall"
  • 3rd in "Gameplay"
  • 3rd in "Graphics"
  • 2nd in "Audio"
  • 42nd in "Originality"
  • 7th in "Technical"




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