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Theme: Day | Night

Istanbul Efsaneleri: Lale Savaşçıları

Platforms: Amiga, MS-DOS   Developer: SiliconWorx Software   Publisher: SiliconWorx Software   Year: 1994   Tags: Fantasy, Turn-based combat  


İstanbul Efsaneleri: Lale Savaşçıları is one of the first Turkish games (first CRPG) ever developed for PCs. The game consists of a lot of different spells (actually swear words from turkish) and a very different character system.

The story takes place in an alternative Istanbul. You start with a group of four Turkish youngsters who were playing football near an abandoned auto-park. When the ball accidentally went inside the building and of course the youngsters after the ball, they all find themselves in a medieval looking Istanbul. They use all of their training (swearing as spells, waste baskets as shields, and turnips as weapons) to overcome the dangers of this mysterious and evil-infested medieval looking Istanbul, and return to their homes.

The gameplay is from the first-person perspective. You control your party with the keyboard and find your way in the 2D environment. The combats are from an isometric point of view and turn-based.


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