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Theme: Day | Night

Gold Quest VI

Platforms: Commodore 64   Developer: Inferior Software International   Publisher: The New Dimension   Franchise: Gold Quest   Year: 2022   Tags: Fantasy, Turn-based combat  


From C64 Wiki:

Gold Quest VI (Gold Quest 6) is a 3D dungeon game programmed in BASIC. Of course, you slip into the role of a brave dwarf hero again this time. But this time it is not the famous Sledgie - instead the player can create his own hero.

With a thirst for beer and a greed for gold, you can experience another adventure in the kingdom of Roglia, the land of the dwarves.

Gold Quest VI takes place a few years after Gold Quest V.

Goals of this Game:

In short, Gold Quest VI is all about collecting as many points as possible for the high score. To do this, you fight your way deeper and deeper into the corridors of the mine and collect as much gold as possible. If you finally come across the chief boss orc shaman or his dragon, you can start a fight with him. If you are victorious, the curse is lifted from the mine and Sledgie can be freed from captivity. The gold miners of Roglia can resume their work and the player is entered into the Great Book of Dwarven Heroes.


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