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Theme: Day | Night

Dungeons of Noudar 3D

Platforms: MS-DOS   Developer: Daniel Monteiro   Publisher: Daniel Monteiro   Year: 2018   Tags: Fantasy, Turn-based combat  


No doubt inspired by older turn-based first-person RPG games such as the SSI games, as well as perhaps more modern interpretations such as id Software's Orcs & Elves, Dungeons of Noudar is a simple but enjoyable old-school RPG experience.

You play a priest / crusader called into the citadel to purge it from demonic forces. Instead of a life/health stat, you must maintain "faith" in order to survive. Movement takes place one block at a time, and it is turn-based, so you can carefully plan your next moves without having to worry about being attacked. Unlike some older games, you are provided with a deep field of view, rather than just a few blocks ahead. I have not made it very far but there seems to be a good amount of depth here for those looking to play a turn-based first-person RPG but not wanting to be burdened with extensive stats or party management. (It's also small enough to fit on a 1.44 floppy disk!)


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