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Theme: Day | Night

Bail or Bust

Platforms: Browser, Windows   Developer: b3agz   Publisher: b3agz   Year: 2021   Tags: dcjam2021, Jam game, Real-time combat, Sci-fi  


The year 2032. Relentlessly rising crime rates have led to the widespread return of capital punishment. In an effort to keep the increasingly angry citizens entertained and distracted, a new game show was created; Bail or Bust.

Criminals who have been sentenced to death can choose to fight it out for the enjoyment of millions, taking on wave after wave of killer droids, not to mention enforcers; trained killing machines. And if they win, they get their freedom.


Your goal is clear each arena and, ultimately, win your freedom by beating the enforcer. To clear an arena you will need to find the key card to open the exit.

Your enemies work on a timer (shown in the bottom corner) and can only perform an action once per "turn". You do not have to wait for a "turn" to perform an action, but any time you do, the turn counter is reset and your enemies can move again.

Each action you perform costs you stamina, and you will not be able to move or attack if you are out of it. You will regain stamina every "turn" in which you do not perform an action.

Also be on the lookout for health and armour packs which give you... uh... health and armour.


Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021 rankings

  • 6th in "Overall"
  • 14th in "Gameplay"
  • 7th in "Graphics"
  • 14th in "Audio"
  • 18th in "Originality"
  • 6th in "Technical"


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