Asmodeus is an action adventure game with plenty of dungeon crawling fun and RPG elements.

Inspired by games such as Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and Stonekeep, Asmodeus takes you to a world inhabited by monsters waiting to thwart you. Interact with NPC’s, solve logical puzzles and complete quests.

Combat is real-time and during each round you can either attack enemy or parry. Enemies have several hit-zones and each of them have certain weak spot which the player has to discover first. There is always just one opponent in every fight but they can spawn randomly during each step the player takes and one can’t escape the battle nor use healing.

There is little in terms of statistics, only “energy” (aka hit points) and weapon expertise – both increase with fighting – and the defense statistics which are influenced by equipment, e.g. helmets or armor. Dead enemies don’t drop any loot, player has to either find or buy everything – the dungeons are full of hidden compartments and containers. The caves are dark and one has to carry a lit torch all the time (the player is unable to fight in darkness) and more of them, since they deplete in few minutes. Unfortunately, there is no auto-mapping and player has to draw his own map. The adventure part consists of dialogs with NPCs (all characters including the main protagonist are voiced), combining items and solving puzzles.

Asmodeus average rating 3.3/5 - 7 user ratings

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