Games from “2009”.

The Dark Spire

The gameplay centers on exploring the namesake dungeon known as the Dark Spire while improving the skills and stats of your characters by gaining experience.

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Platforms: Nintendo DS

Realms of Quest Trilogy

Realms of Quest Trilogy contains three games previously released but now bundled together for maximum crawling fun on the VIC-20! read more »

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Platforms: VIC-20

Dark Horde

Taken from your home by the ‘Dark Horde’ you find yourself beaten and left for dead at the heart of an Orc dungeon. read more »

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Platforms: Java (mobile)


Undercroft is heavily inspired by old RPG such as The Eye Of The Beholder series and early Might and Magic games. The game is presented through a 1st person view, with simplistic graphics. read more »

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Platforms: iOS - Keep calm and crawl dungeons!
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