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Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed

A great futuristic RPG game from the Strategic Simulations and part of the Gold Box series. Under the leadership of the famous Buck Rogers, you team must now embark on a mission of salvation. read more »

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Platforms: MS-DOS

Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday is a role-playing game similar in gameplay, interface, and visual styles to the Dungeons & Dragons games by SSI, despite the completely different setting and sci-fi scenario. read more »

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Platforms: Amiga, Commodore 64, MS-DOS

Might and Magic: World of Xeen

World of Xeen combines two games – Clouds of Xeen and Darkside of Xeen – into a single game that can be played continuously. read more »

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Platforms: Macintosh, MS-DOS

Might and Magic: Darkside of Xeen

Darkside of Xeen is the fifth installment of the Might and Magic, a direct sequel to Clouds of Xeen, and a completion of the overarching story arc that started in the first game. read more »

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Platforms: FM Towns, MS-DOS, PC-98

Might and Magic: Clouds of Xeen

Clouds of Xeen is the fourth installment in the Might and Magic series, and a follow-up to Isles of Terra. read more »

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Platforms: FM Towns, MS-DOS, PC-98 - Keep calm and crawl dungeons!
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