Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds – The Second Scenario


Wizardry II is a first-person, grid-based,  RPG that is part of a series that had helped to set many standards within the PC-RPG genre with its graphical interface and gameplay mechanics. At the time, the series’ graphical capabilities and gameplay mechanics were considered revolutionary and innovative for PCs. Wizardry II continues the story begun with the first game and allows players to import characters in from Wizardry I to continue the quest in a new scenario.

It is an early example of an expansion pack, requiring the player to have the original Wizardry installed to play. It uses the same engine and spells, but is scaled for importing existing characters rather than creating a new party.

Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds – The Second Scenario average rating 3.2/5 - 10 user ratings

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