The Quest 1.04


The Quest is an old-school style first-person dungeon crawler RPG with turn-based mechanics. The Quest is definitely not for the casual gamer who needs their hand held right through till the end. Hell, even if you’re a seasoned RPG veteran you may encounter some difficulty.

The combat can be fairly difficult and frustrating, especially early on in the campaign. It is likely you will die quite often so I suggest you make liberal use of the save feature. Smart use of potions, scrolls, and spells is highly recommended.

In order to recover mana or health you need to either consume a potion or rest. To rest you must have both food and water in your inventory and be far away from any enemies. While resting however there is a chance that it will begin to rain, which of course ruins your sleep and leaves your mana and health in less than pristine condition.

The Quest 1.04 average rating 3.8/5 - 60 user ratings

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