Realms of Quest IV


Realms of Quest IV is the sequel to the previously released Realms of Quest Trilogy and continues the story. Assemble a group of heroes to do battle against the mysterious Time Lords inside the Dungeon. Thus befalls you, brave adventurer, to accept the challenge and venture forth into the labyrinth below to ensure that evil and chaos do not rise. If you can survive the perils that await beneath, there lay riches, glory and the immortality of your name.


Realms of Quest IV Features:

  • 10 Dungeon Levels which have been designed by hand with numerous rooms, secret passages, riddles and traps to traverse and overcome.
  • 10 races and 12 classes to choose from to create 8 players for your party.
  • You will meet other heroes to help and guide you during your quest.
  • Over 100 unique graphical portraits that depict the various monsters that you’ll encounter as you travel throughout the Dungeon.
  • Over 135 types of equipment to represent weapons, armor, gems, jewelry, potions, scrolls and miscellaneous magical items.
  • 60 magic spells that you can cast.
  • 3 game fonts to choose from.
  • A 16 page instruction manual is also included.


All of this for your Commodore VIC-20, a disk drive and 16K of expansion memory. 24K is recommended as it features reduced disk loading times, an improved 3D graphical perspective and game music.

Realms of Quest IV average rating 3.8/5 - 9 user ratings

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