Madō Monogatari: Michikusa Ibun


As in most Madō Monogatari games, the story of Michikusa Ibun is quite simple: once again, the young magician Arle has to venture into a dangerous dungeon as part of her magical education. This time, Arle is a teenager, and has the cute creature Carbuncle (whose side job seems to be an official Compile mascot) accompanying her on her perilous journey.

Michikusa Ibun plays just like any other Madō Monogatari game: it is a 100% dungeon crawler, with Arle navigating pseudo-3D maze-like locations (with an auto-map feature), fighting random enemies in turn-based style. The game retains all the unique elements of the series, such as the overall “cute” style, no physical attacks at all (Arle can only cast magical spells), and no number-based feedback or any statistics. Damage done in battle and Arle’s or enemy’s condition can be deduced only from animations and text descriptions.

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Video - Keep calm and crawl dungeons!
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