Kargon takes place in fantasy land far, far away, where the good King Kargon is killed by his twin brother in order to claim the throne. However, the demons the king’s brother Lo-Dama had conjured and ordered to kill his brother murder him as well. With lack of another relative as a successor, a tournament is proclaimed to find a mighty wizard which will become the new king. The game starts at the point where only 10 participants are in the tournament, and the player then tries to defeat the last remaining rivals in up to ten rounds.

Kargon can described as Dungeon Master meets Dynablaster. The wizards fight in a dungeon filled with traps and monsters, which is displayed in the style of Dungeon Master, i.e. ego perspective, 90-degree turns and field-by-field movement. The contestants then try to blast each other to bits using spells, potions and other devices. Multiplayer for two player is supported.

Kargon average rating 2/5 - 1 user ratings

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