Gates of Skeldal (Brány Skeldalu)


Gates of Skeldal is a dungeon crawler with a rather unique graphical style and originally only released for the Czech market.

The game has never been officially released in English but has been translated by fans as a result of crowd-funding. Now it is available on both Android and iOS.

The game was originally released with map editor enabling players to create their own dungeons and maps.

The game is set in an ancient island Rovenland. it is said that Rovenland is the place where elder gods rested when created the world so the land is full of magic. The bilance of world is threatened by 5 mages who build a tower on south of the island and filled it with multiple monsters to keep everyone in distance. They try to open a Gate into forbidden dimension of Zohar.

Freghar, an old scholar decides to stop them. He uses a Rite of Krow-Kane and summons three heroes but dies in process. Heroes then set up to stop mages. They are joined by another three people – a thief Roland, a mage Gralt and a brave son a librarian Erik.

They seek help at Nimeth who is revealed to the person who traiend those mages. They later betrayed him when they came across to the Scroll of Nogran. The scroll promises wealth and power tot the person who commits the Rite described in the scroll. In fact it opens a gate to forbidden dimensions. Nimeth then sends heroes to gain five artifacts than mages use to pump their power.

When they gain these artifacts thy return to Nimeth. He sends them to The labyrinth of singing waters where artifacts are melted into a Sword of Revenge. The group then goes to the tower where mages are committing the Rite. Heroes get there in a last minute but they successfully stop the rite and mages re killed. Summoned heroes then returns where they come from. Gralt sets up for new adventure, Roland becomes a honorable merchant and Erik returns home.


Gates of Skeldal (Brány Skeldalu) average rating 3.2/5 - 27 user ratings

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