Fate: Gates of Dawn


The game is viewed from first-person perspective and notable for its huge game world. It takes hours for the player to travel from one end of the game world to the other and up to months to complete the game. It includes an overworld with 4 towns and some smaller villages, a wilderness split by a mountain range and over 200 islands. It features also an underworld with nine dungeons with up to seven levels.

The player can control up to 4 parties, 28 characters in total. Some quests are thereby only solvable by teamwork. Characters are not created by the player but have to be invited to join the group. There are hundreds of NPCs with own personality and AI. The game has 32 character-classes, 11 races and over 200 magic spells and potions. It features a realistic environment including day and night cycles and weather which affects the characters.

Fate: Gates of Dawn average rating 3.6/5 - 8 user ratings

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