Dragon Wars


The designers of the Bard’s Tale series, Wasteland, and Battle Chess pooled their talents to create the ultimate role-playing fantasy. They knew it had to be a first-rate story with sophisticated graphics. The result was Dragon Wars.

The story of Dragon Wars is set in the world of Oceana, located in the orbit of the star Sirius. For years, the heat of the star has been melting Oceana’s polar ice caps, turning it into a world with 85% water and becoming wetter with each passing year. In that world of islands the biggest of all is Dilmun, a place where many inhabitants of other areas wish to go, either as pilgrims or adventurers, and plenty of ships sail towards it.

Your party is aboard one such vessel, yet upon arrival at Dilmun, the local authorities seize the ship. Every tenth passenger is taken and sacrificed to dragons by orders of Dilmun’s ruler, Namtar; the Beast from the pit. The fortunate ones (including your party) are stripped of all of their possessions and thrown into the walled City of Purgatory. This is where your adventure begins, with the ultimate goal to defeat Namtar and bring magic back to Dilmun.

Dragon Wars average rating 3.3/5 - 10 user ratings

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